Photographic Memories is the name of the business that came about as a result of years of passion and practice and experience. The business is owned and run by Somerset based Rowena Crowley (nee Barney).

Her main area of expertise is portraiture, capturing people, and more specifically working with children. Having 2 of her own, she is well versed in the skills required to not only capture a beautiful photograph of a child, but also, and almost more importantly, connecting with children and engaging their attention in order to capture the photograph.

Her style of photography is much like her personality; classic and traditional, yet spliced with a great deal of spontaneity. When you commission her for your photo shoot she will take a wide range of photos, from full-body shots through to close-ups. There will also be artistic shots, and some more laid-back reportage style shots. Essentially, you can guarantee that the sitter's personality will be photographically represented to its fullest and you will fully 'recognise' the personality of the sitter through the photograph.

For those of you who hate having your photograph taken, you need not fear. Rowena's engaging personality will ensure that she captures you on film in a way that makes you love the way you look, capturing your beauty and essence.

Whether you are looking for studio, location or something more bespoke from your photo shoot, Photographic Memories will be able to accommodate your needs. Not only will you come away from the experience with fantastic photos to treasure for ever, but you will also have had a cracking time in the process!


Through family exposure to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Rowena has also been photographing this sport for a while... so if you have any need for a martial arts photographer, please give her a call and she can try to capture what you need.