Below you will find a sample of some of the things that people say about Rowena's work, accompanied by a few of the pictures from the session.

Laura said;

Rowena made us feel so relaxed during the photoshoot when normally I’m really camera shy and Ethan doesn’t sit still. We got some fantastic photos which we’ll have forever.


Julie said;

From the moment we arrived we were made to feel welcome and at ease as taking photos of children isn’t the easiest of things to do. Rowena engaged with the children in a way that made them feel at ease and not with a constant sit here, move this, do it this way or that way attitude.  All 3 of my children enjoyed having their photos taken and they would most definitely do it again. The end result is amazing – you captured my whole world. Thank you!


Claire said;

We were really happy with the photographs in quality, colour and composition. 
Its obvious that Rowena is at ease with children which meant that Isaac was engaged throughout the session and I, as a parent, in turn was relaxed. Rowena was encouraging in her instruction without being pushy.


Rachel said;

What a lovely photo shoot.  I was worried my little girl wouldn’t smile, but Rowena was brilliant and made us all relax and my little one was laughing and smiling.  The photos capture her face exactly as we see her at home, not forced at all. 

Jessica said;

The most recent shoot has been one with my son and these have been great…She easily held the attention of my 7 month old son and was entertaining enough during the whole shoot to get the best smiles.  I appreciated how she knew intuitively when to change position or setting before he got bored. I also think it really helps that he now knows her, so I recommend that once you have chosen Rowena as your family photographer, then keep her for always!


Jenna said;

Even though my little girl was not the easiest model, you took the time to get as many wonderful photographs as you could. You made us all feel welcomed and relaxed, you also made such an effort to make my children smile, all the way through the shoot.  Thank you for a wonderful and enjoyable experience, the beautiful photographs were a real bonus!  They showed real character and portrayed the different personalities of my two children beautifully.  I will definitely be telling all  my friends!

Mel said;

My boys really enjoyed the photo shoot.  Rowena made it fun, which showed in the photos.  Definitely recommend!